Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crazy Lady Yells At Skate Boarders Like She Is On Crack!!!!

This lady is yelling at the skate boarder's because she so called said that the are always takin pictures on illegal property,that they beat up on her when they dont come within feet of her, and that one of the ''skaters peed on her''. The catch is that the lady doesn't even own the land that the skaters are on. The lady sits there and yells for about five minutes and even after they are done recording her going completely nuts like she was on some kind of drug. While yelling she ask them for their cameras and their calling card. When the hell does calling card have to do with skate boarder's shooting videos on property you don't even own. You have to see this it is funny!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black River Ramps: Finger Boarding

The classic. Blackriver-team-prooven. Not to miss in any skater-location. Finally! The Signature-Obstacle of THE Fingerboard-Rolemodel! 3 sides, 1 ledge, 1000 ways to shred! Be like Dietsch!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Close Up: Fingerboards

Wooden Fingerboards are often preferred by hard-core fingerboarders because of their superior feel and performance. The Generation 3 CloseUp decks are now composed of 5-layers of colored wood which have been pasted and pressed together (just like a real skateboard) making them strong but light and also provides that accurate "skateboard-like" feeling when your smack your fingerboard back to the ground.

The trucks also have a single molded axle the length of the hanger just like a real skateboard, which makes them nearly indestructable. The silicone bushings improve the stabilty of the trucks when performing tricks.

The wheels are made of Urethane (again, just like a real skateboard) and come with metal cores for a smoother glide feel. There are also spacers within the wheels to keep the wheels straight and level (i.e. no warping). The CloseUp name is also now printed on all the wheels.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Razor Genesys GT Skate

The Razors Genesys features the newly redesigned backslide plate area where the backslide plate fits tight fit into the boot providing more control and direct contact in boot tricks. The perfectly grooved XL backslide plate does not require any break-in time and is ready for you to use out of the box on all of your royal and farv tricks.

The Ground Controal Featherlite 2 frame is one of GC's most popular frames to date with a symmetrical design, perfectly shaped groove and 8mm axles. It also features their patented sickle shaped axles that allow to remove and tighten them with the use of only one allen wrench.

The Razors Genesys GT comes complete and ready to skate out the box featuring GC FLT 2 frames, BHC 56mm 90a outer wheels, ABEC 5 bearings and inner GC 42mm nylon anti rockers.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gt 2010: Performer

A mid-level street and skate park bike, the Performer is perfect for riders looking for a bike with a frame strong enough to land more advanced tricks.The sticker on the top-tube stating ’est.74’ says a lot about the 2010 GT Performer, 36 years of experience building BMX’s should result in knowing a thing or two, and it does. GT have been in the game for years but are far from ’long in the tooth’; constant research, development and involvment in the scene has resulted in the 2010 GT Performer being one of the best BMX’s at this price available from anyone.


Nike 6.0 Mogan Junior

This is for the BMX riders out there wherever you are.
Nike 6.0 is a great shoe for all BMX riders.

This shoe come in a variety of colors for girls and boys, but the same style.
If u want to buy this shoe click on this link


Z Shred : Custom Graphics Fingerboard

Custom created graphics designed by local Southern California artist. Our graphics are specially printed directly onto the bottom ply wood! These are not labels or stickers.Shipped in our custom Z box carrying container (a $5.00 value!), along with a variety of grip tape and Z shred stickers.Comes complete and assembled with colored trucks and z soft urethane classic bearing wheels or new era bearing wheels.You can pick which type of wheel,new era wheels are 2.00 dollars extra and what type of deck.

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