Monday, December 28, 2009

Close Up: Fingerboards

Wooden Fingerboards are often preferred by hard-core fingerboarders because of their superior feel and performance. The Generation 3 CloseUp decks are now composed of 5-layers of colored wood which have been pasted and pressed together (just like a real skateboard) making them strong but light and also provides that accurate "skateboard-like" feeling when your smack your fingerboard back to the ground.

The trucks also have a single molded axle the length of the hanger just like a real skateboard, which makes them nearly indestructable. The silicone bushings improve the stabilty of the trucks when performing tricks.

The wheels are made of Urethane (again, just like a real skateboard) and come with metal cores for a smoother glide feel. There are also spacers within the wheels to keep the wheels straight and level (i.e. no warping). The CloseUp name is also now printed on all the wheels.

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